It all happened in an instant. I was not searching. I was not ready. I did not need to find you, but I did. Another first day. Another new school. I was so used to it. Until I walked through that door. Until I saw you.

So many stories of “you just know”. Well I definitely knew from the moment I saw you. It’s the what did I know that seems to throw me. As you well know, I did know you were mine from the very beginning. The trouble was, making you understand-especially when I didn’t truly understand it myself. In all fairness, we were in 8th grade, we didn’t understand pretty much anything. How were we ever going to understand this?


Love. Connection. Destiny.

Oh we knew it, we just didn’t know what to do with it. And, we fought it. And every time we tried to face it, we got scared & kept things safe. And then you were gone. But there was so much in between & so much after.


You have always been & always will be my best friend. Inseparable, even when we are apart. We have always been aware of this bond. It is, after all, the thing that scared us so much to begin with-the inexplicable attraction or pull. The instant bond, without knowing each other at all. Now, years later, it becomes no clearer. No matter where in life we go, how far apart we live, we are always with each other.

You are absolutely correct when you said I turned dark after you left & when you said, you would have done the same if the situation were reversed, I got it. It is soul shattering no matter which side you are on.

When you left, my world was torn. My heart was literally broken. My soul was ripped in two. For we always knew we were one in the same. That was our bond. We are connected & now we are on different planes. So, while I am here I can only feel & know you are here too. But, I also know that we will meet again. We are bound together as much in death as we were in life because you hold the other half of my soul. And we are destined to find each other-Always!