95820895_2209314255871065_5782665141799616512_oI know this will be quite controversial or heated.Please keep in mind, when “your group” is pointed out that I am not attacking the group but rather pointing out the overall flaw in which I see.

Over the past few years I have been faced with many people trying to recruit me, for lack of better terms, to their particular group or cause. No matter how many times I politely decline, they seem to become more hell bent on explaining why I am the perfect person for said cause & how I can help so many others.

Well, let me explain why I am not the perfect person for said cause-I don’t believe in segregation or profiling any group of people. I believe your cause amounts to bullying & excuses, but mostly to hate. Oh yes, I see how that is quite the opposite of what your group stands for (on intention) but it is the same outcome anyway.

I have been raped and sexually harassed #ME TOO. Yeah, and let them find out it was on more than one occasion & by a boss & a coworker too. I have also been a cop & a corrections officer. I also have 3 boys & 3 grandsons. What good is going to come from yelling about how these rapists are horrible people (well duh-is anyone missing this point?). I am neither going to give them any power or satisfaction but I will not in any way support a group that makes women more scared or hateful to a particular gender. It is giving in to the lash out theory & that stems from fear. No good comes from that.

I have a son who is undergoing HRT to become my daughter. She is not sure if she is straight, gay, or a half a million other choices out there now. No I seriously can’t keep up nor should I feel the need to. Oh I should join the #LGBTQ (and yeah I honestly don’t know the rest), for my daughter. WHAT?! They literally try to tell you you don’t love your own kid or you’re a bigot & intolerable etc. Oh dear geezus, look, loud does not mean right. Trying to manipulate me to join some group is wrong. You hate judgment yet throw it out like its beads in a mardi gras parade. I don’t hate my sons, daughter, you, or anyone. I never tried to change anyone, but you sure did. No one should have to change, or question themselves, or hate anyone else to fit in…or be themselves.

I could go on forever, but I am just going to throw this out there. There are plenty of groups, people, and places out there to help. Just make sure they are helping YOU as a person. And if you are the one helping someone through something, help them-don’t try to recruit them for a cause YOU believe in. That’s still taking advantage of someone who is desperate. You are no better than the guy who saw the opportunity & went for it. We are all people. We all go through so much. No one escapes unharmed. No one group of people are the cause of all things bad.

I truly hope one day we can cut out the cults & clubs. We can see people as the individual they are & truly accept that. Been raped and want to talk about it, let’s talk. Had an abortion (I am 1001% pro life) still, I am here to listen without judgement & support you. Grew up poor, rich, bullied, etc…I still would love to hear about YOU. We all have things in common, we all share stories we have never told. No matter the race, gender or background we are all struggling in this thing called life. We can choose sides or face it together!