You are absolutely beautiful. From the first day I saw you-all I saw was the beauty of you. Your beautiful smile, the absolute glow of you. You radiated everything I knew I wanted. I knew you were mine from the very first time I saw you-before you even looked up.

But oh when you did…

Never did I ever think you could be more perfect than in that moment. Surely this feeling will pass. No possible way for my brain to compute the years to come. The many days I fell in love with you more & more. Sometimes for the same reasons, sometimes new ones, always deeper I would go.

Your voice was calming. Your eyes were my escape. And oh that smile that would make everything else disappear. I knew I would always find safety in you. You would always be “home”.

Days turned into years turned to decades & we remained inseparable. Our force was inescapable. We knew we would always be together, for we were always one. Even when life sent us on different paths, we always found each other, and it was always the same. Without words, despite distance, instant connection as soon as we found ourselves together again.

I held on to the knowing. I held on to the days, moments, memories, knowing we would pick up right where we left off when we met again. There was no reason for me to dread good byes or fear I would never see you again.

Until there was. And now, I am cursed & forever grateful for all these moments…in my head.